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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


"See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands, your walls are continually before Me." Isaiah 49:16

“You did what?!”
Yes, I’ve resigned from my position as an appliance repairman with Sears here in Sequim.  I had a go at it and learned a huge amount about the trade and about myself.  I have concluded appliance repair is a challenging field especially residential refrigerators and I really enjoyed doing the work.  What I also found though was the increasing number of hours it required and the amount of stress that I shouldered was way more than I had anticipated.  Without going into all the gory details, I realized I could not continue.  I am relieved, to say the least to be moving on and am excited for the next step in God’s plan.  Though God used me hugely during my time in this job, now that we are in transition, I feel our compass needle is reading true again.

The Next Step
 After meeting with Tag and Deidra Larson, directors of YWAM Discovery Bay, we have prayerfully committed to moving back on base (we lived there for nine months back in ‘09-‘10) to serve in the ministry.  There are a number of areas in which we will be assisting:  Discipleship Training School, School of Music in Missions, general base care taking, and administration.  These responsibilities will keep us busy (mostly Jeremy as Cameron will be home schooling) through the week and likely will include more overseas outreach most likely in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim.   We will continue to fellowship at Calvary Chapel Sequim and help out whenever we can while continuing to build our relationship with our supporting churches.

One Step Beyond
God continues to put Australia on our hearts and we are taking another step of faith to see what doors the Lord might open for us by attending the Envision Conference coming this October.  The kids will be staying home this time as we fly to Sydney for a few days for the event and then go on to visit Pastor Dave and Melissa Heitman in Tauranga, New Zealand for the remainder of our time.  We will also visit the Calvary Chapel Bible Institute in nearby Rotorua and hopefully connect with other YWAM ministries while in the country.  We’re intrigued by the possible ministry opportunities in NZ and are excited to reconnect with friends and see some beautiful scenery.       

Prayer Needs
  • A smooth transition moving out of our current house and into the base house
  • Finances; we are going to be living on full missionary support as no one is paid in YWAM, we’re a little less than half way to our goal of $2000 a month
  • Adjusting to the new ministry responsibilities
  • Open doors in Australia and/or New Zealand
  • Healing for Jeremy’s lower back, seems to have a pinched nerve effecting the left hip and leg.
  • Home schooling planning for coming year


  1. Hi Jeremy and Cameron,
    my wife and I served at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe in Hungary and there is a couple there that are leaving soon to serve in Australia. I would love for you guys to meet them (online).

    We also know Pastor Mark at CCBI (in New Zealand) where you want to go. He and some of his staff served at CCBCE when we were there too.

    It is very exciting to read about your plans. Email us at mikeandloripritchard@yahoo.com when you can.

    Mike Pritchard

  2. Is this the Jeremy Botkin originally from Bainbridge Island that I used to skateboard with?

    I'm in Singapore...relatively speaking, not far from you.

    Peter Van Aken